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F A Q ' s
Professional Masseur James in North CA, NM, South Florida, Miami Beach offering women Deep Tissue, Swedish, Tantric Massage


Is my session private and discrete? Yes, all sessions and information are completely confidential private and discrete.

Why should I get a Yoni Massage? No other massage gives you greater pleasure or comes with such a vast mix of mind & body health benefits. Excellent for your sexual health.

What Massages do you have? Specializing in  Yoni full body massages. Available for Swedish, Sensual and deep tissue massage as well,

and specially tailored massages to meet your special wants & needs. Butt & Legs a must.

Where do I go to get a massage? Mobile service to your home, office or hotel in CA, NM, South Florida and Orlando till 2am. We can also meet at your favorite locations.

Does deep breathing work? Yes. Very much so!

Who can watch your massage? Anyone you like. Be comfy come alone or with friends.

What should I wear? As much or as little as you like.

What should I bring? Awesome tunes! Favorite lubes! Let's chat and see what works for you.

What is your rate? Sessions starting at $250 for two hours. Need a session on me, just ask.

Do you bring a massage table?  Yoni massage are normally performed on a queen or king bed. Yoga mat or beach towel will do in a pinch.

Meditate at the beach
Smiling Woman

What's the best way to set up an appointment? Please text me.

Can you come immediately? Sometimes I can! Contact me and let's see. Tell me your first name, what time works for you and your address. Let's chat and set it up.

How long is a Tantra Yoni Massage? Usually two  hours some go up to two and a half.

Why is a Yoni Massage so long? A Yoni is all about teasing arousal aka., foreplay called edging. Longer is better.

What do you wear? Your call. Clothed or nude.

Pre Session Chat? Always, we'll discuss your wants and needs before each session. That way we know what directions to head. Often we tailor to your wants and needs. Feel free to try new things. I'm flexible and friendly.

Can you do two women together? Yes I can massage two ladies together. 

Massage me on a beach? Yes if you have a private spot.

How often should I get a Yoni Massage? Weekly or monthly to keep in shape.

Will I orgasm? That's a possibility. Some women come four to five times per session. Tantric massage is a series of techniques. Done right and done together they produce awesome results.

Will I cum harder and longer? Yes that may happen, intense edging arousal, deep breathing tantra techniques make women ejaculate squirt cum explosively again and again. Note some women simply don't some do. Depends how they're wired. Over the session we'll together find what techniques best work for you.

It's my first time. Can I bring a friend? Anyone you like.

For a Yoni Light Massage, what should I wear? Panties if you like. We can skip or simply come close to your private areas for a Tantric Yoni Light! That's the Ultimate tease.

What experience do you have?

Nine years experience as a Tantric Yoni Specialist utilizing latest in modern western techniques and Tantra skill set. Offering women Yoni Light - Yoni - Tantra Yoni each highly sensual & erotic, think hot, hotter and hottest. James, your sensual intelligent, high energy friendly Yoni Arts Professional. 


Do you offer Tantra Sessions? Yes, sessions are slow highly sensual lasting up two to four hours as requested.


Do you offer a soapy massage in the shower before a yoni massage? Yes if requested.


How late do you work? Usually as late as 2am.


Can you come the same day? Sometime I can. Yes we'll make it happen. If not let me know your availability and we'll make it happen as soon as possible.

What should I bring? Music You Love - aromas - your favorite lubes - soaps anything to feed the senses.

What should I wear? Anything you feel comfy in. White cotton panties to begin.

What best down there? Bushes are so beautiful, but bare makes things a easier.

Do you do men too? Women only.



Yoni Massage can be highly Intimate, highly Sensual and highly Erotic.



Let's communicate to set the tone or mood that turns you on. Simply put. Everyone has unique kinks, wants and wishes. A Yoni or Tantra session should always be about making your desires a reality. To make each session the absolute best let's have a productive up front chat to set the tone. We'll get you comfy. Then we will begin.

I'm all about making your experience the absolute best. I find being flexible, being precise and listening helps to meet our goals that we together set.

In short let's set a course to make our journey together an awesome one.

Let's Communicate | Connect | Care & Share

Remember a Tantric Yoni Massage is all about you - a one way experience where you are the receiver and the masseur is the giver. To best serve you he'll need to understand your desires to set the journey in motion.

If you choose a Tantra session both participants are both givers and both receivers. Tantra sessions have a wide array of possibilities so the sky is the limit. Again what's your passion, what's your desires? What secretly turns you on? Tantra is all about making connections. A slowed down experience.

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