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  They're Incredibly arousing & highly therapeutic. Yoni massages make you feel desired, rejuvenated, cared for loved and supported all at once.

 *Ladies; Scheduling regular weekly massage sessions increases sexual drive, desire and performance. Exciting with so many benefits. Enjoy, you'll love it!

  1. Rejuvenate Repair Your Sexual Mind

  2. Relax, De-Stress feel real Sexual Pleasure

  3. Heighten the five senses

  4. Boost Self-Confidence and Happiness             

  5. Positive Attitude about her Body

  6. Release Traumas any guilt or shame

  7. Calming altered state of consciousness 

  8. Reduce Anxiety

  9. Unwind and let go!

  10. Thrilling journey 

  11. Be desired cared for, loved, cherished and honored.

  12. Her eyes will Glow after each session!

  13. Improved Circulation

  14. Boost Your Immune Function

  15. Increased Brain function

  16. Improved Circulation and alleviates past blockages

  17. Improved mood, joints, skin and general health

  18. Better Sleep

  19. Reverses the negative effects of Stress

  20. Healthier Heart with increased blood flow

  21. Activates your parasympathetic nervous system

  22. Holistic release of toxins in the body                                   

  23. Stimulate muscles and nervous system 

  24. Wakes up your muscles, organs, and glands

  25. Heals chronic ailments

  26. Keeps Yoni at Peak Performance

  27. Fulfillment of Female Sexual Desire

  28. Exploring her Sexual Boundaries 

  29. Sensitizing Genitalia

  30. Discovering the secret Techniques that Turn her On.

  31. Mastering your sexual pleasure

  32. Enhance romantic and sexual life

  33. Releases powerful stored or stuck sexual energy

  34. Experience Intense Full Body Orgasms

  35. Experience female Ejaculation & Squirting

  36. Stay fit and burn calories     

  37. Sexual awareness and orgasmic potential

  38. Flip her Libido Sex Drive into Overdrive

  39. Increased body’s ability to release of sex hormones     

  40. Boost your Sexual Confidence and Sexual Stamina

  41. Secretion of the hormone oxytocin leads to rhythmic muscle                 contraction and ejaculation. The larger the release of                         oxytocin, the more intense the orgasm. Dopamine hormone                 is then released we feel as a relaxing pleasure.

  42. She experiences various intensities and varieties of sexual                   experiences feeding her most intimate desires.

  43. Experience Multiple Orgasms per session elevated passion and desire

  44. She'll orgasm harder and longer finding what works for her

  45. Sensual Eye Contact a component of Tantra to discover energy

  46. Tantra Controlled Deep Breathing for better Sex

  47. Hormone production will balance out

  48. Bond & Connect with the giver 

  49. Tantra Massage may lead to a stronger interest in Sex

  50. Experiment Explore Learn what works for you

  51. Physical and mental stress reduction

  52. Increase blood flow to parts of your body

  53. Reduced headaches

Blond Girl in a Field

Sessions from 10:00am – 02:00am Daily

North CA, Central NM & South Florida Mobile Massage Masseur | Swedish | Yoni | Sensual  Sessions  Available now 

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