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What's a Yoni? What's a Yoni Massage? 


Yoni, pronounced yo-nee is a representation of the vulva or Vagina the sacred temple” or “sacred space” in Tantra.

Yoni Massage is a journey together. It’s a slowed down process that helps her become more in touch exploring her body and her desires. It can be used as a way to release past shame and trauma, and empower her to voice her sexual desires.

A Yoni massage is a full body massage that is both sensuous and pleasurable and let’s not forget highly erotic and a very healthy experience for her.

The Masseur or givers job is to listen to her verbal and non-verbal cues, to watch her body language, watch her bodies responses to touch, watch her deep breathing patterns and facial expressions, and encourage her to express herself. In turn, the woman needs to be open and honest with her hidden desires and feelings and communicate fully and truthfully with her giver. 


Yoni massage is performed in a nice quite private room with zero distractions temperature set just right so she’s comfy naked. Soft background music playing, a comfy bed pillows and sheets that easily fits two, massage oil for her body.

For the best possible experience. Let's get the atmosphere just the way you like it. Consider the most comforting temperature usually around 68 to 70 degrees. Consider playing sensual love making music from your apple music play list. Before we begin get comfy with your massage giver. If you aren't familiar with how to deep breath, just ask. Tantric massage is all about making a connection. Be Open, tell the massage giver what works for you. Massages are  tailored to your desires. 

Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing and massaging her whole body, focusing on the belly, buttocks, breasts, nipples, mound, her arms, her inner legs and finally her outside lips vulva and then inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of her body. Bringing her close to climax and pulling back a process meant to tease her called edging primarily focuses on the labia, clitoris, g-spot, the breasts, anus and other erogenous zones.


Its often said that orgasm isn’t the goal, but for many women it can often happen about four to five time over the session. Teasing, breathing, eye contact, touching just to name a few of the Tantra skillset performed by James a Highly Skilled Yoni Professional. Book your journey today.

Longer is better!

 Tantric Yoni Massage sessions are about two hours long to make the experience slow and not rushed. Two to 2 1/2 hours is the average time required. Done on a king or queen bed with towels. The giver moves to different positions around the receiver as the session progresses.

Temperature | Music | Luberication

1) Make sure the room is comfy. Not to hot or to cold.

2) Make sure you have relaxing sensual music you love to play. Something that frees you! Makes you come alive! Has Rhythm! you can focus!

3) Make sure to have your favorite lube on hand. The Vulva and Clitoris are very sensitive and really come alive with high lubricity or highly slippery fluid. 



Open daily 10:00am – 02:00am
South Florida, NM, North CA
Mobile Massage Masseur | Swedish | Yoni | Sensual
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